Schunk Sonosystems
Where reliability matters

At Schunk Sonosystems reliability really matters. Not only because our machines are situated in the production line where high reliability is needed. But also in our company culture where we strive to be a reliable partner every day.

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Reliable partner

We strive for perfection. Not only in our machines, but also in our partnership. We love working together with our clients to help them with their challenge.

Innovative platform

We have standardized an innovative machine platform, which focuses on less complexity. Therefore, it is easy to apply fine adjustments for other requirements.

Foolproof machines

Our intelligent machines strive for 100% transparency and traceability with a log book for every weld. We are industry-leading in error detection and logging.

Worldwide service

Our extensive worldwide service consists of a central phone number, online support and training, priority emergency response and regular software updates.

Eye for details

The high-quality tooling for our machines is produced in our own state of the art factory. With this German thoroughness, we strive for a 0% error rate.

Industry track record

We are trusted by industry leaders in processes where reliability really matters.

Our known reliability
Also here for battery

You know Schunk Sonosystems for our reliability in the automotive industry. But did you know we bring the same reliability to the battery business?

In this video, you can see how our machines are part of a bigger story in automotive industry. The reliability of our ultrasonic welding systems is a key factor for successful car manufacturing.

This is why:

  • We always do numerous feasibility checks before our machines leave the factory.
  • We produce customized machines so that the customer has more influence on the process and the machine.
  • Our intelligent machines include an error detection system, which monitors the complete welding process.

Our machines have several other advantages, that we are eager to tell you about in a personal meeting.

Success stories in the automotive industry

The requirements in the automotive industry are extremely high and we have been meeting them for many years. Discover how we manage to meet these standards again and again.

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Powerful machine that reduces costs

“The Schunk machine is very powerful and can weld products in a very short time. Their tools have a long lifespan and save a lot of costs for the MEB project.” The machine has a solid oscillating system and powerful converter. This allows us to do larger welding areas or more areas, so the welding can meet the customer’s requirements. Not only the welding, but also the service by Schunk Sonosystems was of an extremely high level.

When our customers had requests for new applications, Schunk responded quickly with lab tests and other support. Also, the Schunk engineers regularly visited to help solving the issues at customers’.

Mr. Su Pengo, Process Manager of MEB Project at A123
We have used the Schunk products for years

We have contracted with Schunk Sonosystems for ultrasonic metal welders in our assembly line for capacitors because of their experience in this field. We have never had any problems with their ultrasonic metal welders and have been using their products for years. The welders are easy to maintain and were built to last a lifetime.

Schunk Sonosystems stands behind their product and has exceptional customer service and support - in the rare occasion something does go wrong, they are on top of it.

Ing. Vincenzo Simonetta, Managing Director of Itelcond s.r.l.
Inside our factory

Curious how our German thoroughness comes into play in our factory? At our headquarters in Germany, our technical team has an eye for detail right from the beginning of the process. They work in a clean and orderly way, which prevents a lot of mistakes. All our machines are double checked using the 4-eyes-principle. Our production site is clean, safe, standardized, and sustainable so our work environment a pleasant place to work.

ISO certified

Our machines are fully certified with ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates, which are internationally recognized within the industry.

  • ISO 9001: a quality management standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This certification proves that an organization follows the requirements and standards in daily operations.
  • ISO 14001: an internationally recognized standard that details the requirements for an environmental management system, which means that the environment is taken into consideration by making more efficient use of resources and reducing waste.
Ultrasonic benefits

Ultrasonic welding has several benefits when you compare it to other welding techniques. It is more tolerant to disturbances such as temperature, humidity, dust, and variations in materials, has a lower energy consumption and has a lower complexity. This is why we recommend ultrasonic!

Innovative machine platform

Our machine platforms are based on a modular system which can be easily adapted to your application needs on power levels. You can simply upgrade the machine to the next power level by changing a few components in the shortest time.

Maximal flexibility with the Schunk Machine Platform.
Reconfigurable within an hour.

Years of experience helped us to develop a modular and reliable machine platform for automotive technologies. This provides many benefits ranging from reconfiguring a set-up within an hour, to easy operations for line operators. Our machines are known for being easy to (re)configure and their constant quality output over their long-term use.

Our machine platform is built to be foolproof and reliable, often for over 20 years.

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